On-Line Events, Parties and Lectures

My handwriting parties, events and lectures are offered in the form of live chats using one of three online platforms (Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Zoom), which allow you to connect with me on a live stream.

Using Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live or Zoom, I teleport myself online to your event as an interactive and engaging speaker at your venue.

Your participant’s handwriting samples are sent to me via from their iPhones, smart phones, tablets, or laptops; Access to a wireless network is the only pre-requisite.  The process is simple and speedy. The handwriting samples are viewed at your site as I conduct on-the-spot, swift mini-readings.

Via Periscope, Facebook Live or YouTube Live your participants can see and hear me describe your guests' personality descriptions based on their submitted handwritings.  Your program guests are encouraged to comment in writing with their questions and reactions as I am speaking.  In real time, I address their posts with verbal responses that share additional insights and answers to their queries.

The advantage of using Zoom is that participants can watch and verbally interact with me in real time.  For more details as to how Zoom presentations work visit my Special Online Events page.

I perform numerous presentations at diverse events such as fundraisers, home parties, wedding receptions, woman’s clubs and gatherings, colleges and non-profit groups, corporate parties and trade shows, retail stores, bars, restaurants, cafes and scheduled speed dating events, to name but a few.  The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to learn more about hosting a virtual presentation at your next social gathering, party or event please contact me at: