About Lianne a.k.a. "The Ink Psychic"

A graduate of Boston College and Harvard University, I hold degrees in broadcast communications and human development/counseling psychology.  For twenty two years I worked in higher education, as a college dean, professor, marketing specialist and personnel recruiter.  Additionally, I taught courses in project management.

I also worked part-time as a relationship telemarketer for Together Dating Service in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts where I screened prospective clients for their enrollment in this dating service.

I am a certified handwriting analyst who has worked in this discipline for the past 30 years serving individuals, non-profits and corporate agencies.  I have given hundreds of handwriting analysis presentations and have served thousands of individuals in delivering meaningful interpretations of their handwritten notes.  I have served as an adjunct tutor for my alma mater, Handwriting University International.

I enjoy making connections between individual talents and personality attributes that help clients to make better career choices, improve personal and social relationships, and understand the differences in social behavior.



My handwriting analysis services are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only, and no guarantees are implied or stated.  Analyses are not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care.  Please seek the advice of a trained medical doctor about any health concerns.  Readings are subject to the client's interpretation.  I do not, in any way, claim to tell the future events of clients.  Instead, I focus on giving handwriting personality profile presentations for parties and special interest groups.