To Hillary Clinton: Happy Birthday To A New Life Away From Washington!

We haven't yet digested the fact that Hillary Clinton is leaving the White House since it seems she's been in Washington D.C. for much of her adult life, particularly during the past 20 years. I can't help but think that Hillary has completed her time of service and that she needs a significant amount of time to recover from what one might call an intense workload caused by the complexities of her former role as Secretary of State.  Hillary, you did your best and you earned the respect of many citizens of the U.S.A.  I hope that you can relax a little and feel better.  Your clouded lens of your left eye designed to address the double vision you've been experiencing for the past month due to a concussion, is just another symbol of the toll that this important position has taken on your health.  Your well-being is at stake, Hillary, and if I were to review your current handwritten script, I bet that I would see the physical challenges that have been caused by psychological stress.  You are a classy lady and personally, I think you will be fine once you get out of that whirlwind travel schedule and start eating healthy foods at traditional times of the day.  No more rushing around the world, attending catered dinners while you're feeling incredibly tired and jet-lagged.  Hopefully, you will revive your spirit and will find the balance that your handwriting from years ago shows here.  You really deserve a break from the crazy flights around the world accomplished within a week's duration.  Enough is enough, and it's time for you to contemplate your next life passage.

Perhaps that book you've considered writing is in the offing though one might guess that you'd be denied the right to publish some of the world's most secret affairs.  Producing a YouTube video is out of the question.  But the powerful leaders in this country need not worry; your handwriting shows that you are very discreet and will keep others' secrets just that - secret. You also are loyal to a fault and that includes your deference to the values espoused by our government's founders, the American flag and other such symbols that express the independent yet loyal spirit of our beautiful country. You will be objective and cool headed when others before you left their posts only to publish the most controversial secrets guarded during their employ.

Hillary, your handwriting shows that you have a strong sense for what is right and true and a special devotion to maintaining diplomatic relations with personal friends and professional colleagues alike.  Your penchant for being diplomatic is a strong trait in your handwriting.  You will not suffer fools and you certainly will not give away your private thoughts and intimate life secrets for that reward called money.  While comfort is important to you, the value you truly adore is aspiring to doing the right thing and what is inherently good and true to your moral beliefs and values.

I know that your job is one of the most challenging on this planet, but you did a great job in my estimation.  I believe that your natural talent for being direct, not wasting time and saying what's on your mind are strengths you used each day while in office.  You're a very bright woman - your handwriting shows this too.  You're talented in cutting to the heart of the matter with tremendous insight and clarity.  You can communicate your policies and beliefs with natural precision.  You can be sensitive to criticism when your dignity is attacked; it is no wonder that you lost your usual sense of poise when addressed aggressively about the Benghazi attacks.  You believe that what is fair is fair and you detest being criticized, especially about decisions that you deem to be made with much deliberate reason.  Your sense of pride and dignity gets slighted when pot shots are taken by less informed professionals attempting to take you down.  That is why you lost your cool when questioned about the embassy attack this past month.  You truly abhor those who are bullies and who take advantage of gossip to make a topic appear to be anything other than the actual truth.  You are a fluid thinker, preferring to move quickly in solving problems and taking control with bold solutions.  Not a time waster, you hate dealing with people who beat around the bush and cover their secret agendas.  Hillary, you were the best choice for Secretary of State and you will prevail in whatever you choose to pursue next.  

A very balanced personality, you normally do not show your emotions, preferring to keep your usual poise.  Determined in spirit, you will not give up your stance; in fact you can be rightly accused of being stubborn and unyielding once you've made up your mind about an issue. Straightforward and astute, you are very logical in your approach to problem solving, preferring to see the facts of the situation instead of getting caught up in the emotionalism of an event.  You know what you know and your personal moral belief system cannot be undermined.  You are very honest, though you often do not admit your own shortcomings.  If that's your worst trait, then you would say "so be it."  Blunt, investigative and very bright intellectually you are very curious and love to learn new knowledge.  Perhaps you will now be able to pursue your love for enjoying a good book by the fireside at a chalet where no one is allowed to intervene or interrupt.  You need private time and perhaps you will finally get some much needed relaxation in a homestead by the sea. Your handwriting shows that you thrive on private time spent alone.  In fact, you rather enjoy your own company and relish the time spent alone.  While many people would be restless after a day or two, you can settle in and find the aloneness a calming salve to the world's activities.

Hillary, it's your time now and I have no doubts that you will enjoy your private moments with family and friends.  You will find comfort in doing a fine job and in having shown undying loyalty to the country you've loved and served for all of these years.  Thank you, Hillary, for being who you are and for being so strong in leading us through tumultuous times.  You may be feeling weak these days with your hospital stay and your residual double vision.  Still, there's a powerful inner core that can be resurrected.  So this is not saying goodbye to you for I believe that you may be in the limelight again, but perhaps in a different manner.  Perhaps we will see you working as a Professor at a prestigious university like your alma mater, Wellesley College?  Your handwriting divulges that that would be a great dream achieved.

All the best to you, dear Hillary.  Thank you for being so bright, so dedicated and so amazingly honest despite the political maneuvers required of your now former role.  We will certainly miss you but understand this is the best decision for you and that you will not change your mind :)

Happy retirement and I cannot wait to see what you choose to do in the future!

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