A Different Kind of Portrait of Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate's Portrait was made available to the public for the first time this past week, and whether or not you like her image on canvas, it's complete and will remain as is with her Mona Lisa  look alike smile, intelligent eyes and flowing brown hair.  What we know of her is more about the externals just listed, plus more than a few photographs taken by the paparazzi - some absolutely beautiful, while others being quite distasteful and at minimum, a total invasion of her privacy.  Kate is not yet well known but she is the newest pretty leader of the royal family; but as Kate's handwriting shows, she's not just another pretty face.  In fact, she is quite different from her popular deceased mother-in-law, Diana.  Every bit as beautiful as Diana, she has the outgoing style and fashion sense of Diana, however, her intellect and analytical ability far outweighs that of Princess Diana.  Kate is much more organized, too.  She is likely to keep everything in its rightful place (even though she has an entourage of servants to help her with her long list of commitments).  A perfectionist, Kate likes to be in control.  I would surmise that perhaps this desire is met with opposition from the Royal Family- their expectations for the newest member of its family could trample Kate's mature need for independence.  Fortunately, Kate is a very loyal personality who shows deference for traditions and history while at the same time moving forward and extending herself in social circles.  She has a nice balance in her personality and she takes responsibility for her actions.  

The past is never really very far from Kate's thoughts, so she will most likely honor the history, pomp and circumstance of her role with a special reverence for these traditions.  She uses her intelligence to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and she is an astute listener.  She can converse with the most intelligent leaders one moment, and with a twirl across the room, she could engage herself with those the monarchy may view as being in society's lower rung.   She does, however, have a tendency to question authority like her mother-in-law Diana whereby an individual would not gain her utmost respect until they'd proven themselves to her.  In other words, a person's title or function would not phase Kate in the least her preferring a friendly countenance and an intelligent curiosity with those with whom she speaks.  Honest and discreet, Kate will be one to keep her secrets and those of her new family very private.  It would take much to gain her confidence and she has the intelligent sense to not lose control in divulging unsafe gossip for the tabloids.  There simply will not be such nonsense as long as Kate is at the helm of the family media contacts.  

A very mature person, Kate learned early in life that to be independent and to control her own life passage was more effective.  Her straight personal pronoun "I" denotes a good sense of self, but more important, a sense of independent maturity for a young woman her age.  She learned that to rely on parents was not her best choice, so she's elected to count on her own resources to achieve her goals.  

Duchess kate has many interests and sometimes this desire for variety causes her to become confused.  Fortunately for her, there will be much variety in her new role as Duchess Kate and mom of the Royal Family.  I don't believe she will get bored for quite a period of time.  If she were isolated in one of their beautiful castles without outside interaction, I think that would be a different story.  But, Duchess Kate will be sure to get involved in philanthropic and social engagements given the role of Duchess affords.  Without a doubt, Kate is capable of becoming a force for social justice (again, much like Princess Diana in this regard, too).  

Kate is particularly sensitive to criticism, so she should be cautious when dealing with the press and a critical public.  She cares very much about her image and about how her personal image is viewed.  A caustic comment of critique could send her reeling for days, wondering how she could have presented herself better.  She is a quick study so it is my opinion that time will show her changing in the sense of her becoming stronger in resisting that sensitive streak that makes her especially vulnerable to the opinions of others.  Perhaps that is something that only mature age will squelch, given that she is sensitive to critique about her work because of her immense sense of pride, and her being strongly sensitive to criticism about the personal life choices that she makes too.  If history serves us well, she may run into some significant challenges if she becomes deeply hurt by in-laws and a public that condemns her choices. 

A fluid thinker, Kate has strong communication skills and is adept in analyzing what information is pertinent to the situation against what she might consider irrelevant.  Highly analytical and investigative by nature, she can sift through information quickly and make good judgments for herself.  Kate must catch herself, however, when she gets too emotionally attached to a situation or outcome.  She possesses an impulsive streak that can come out in displays of impatience when she is caught off-guard or is under an inordinate amount of stress for a lengthy duration.  More often than not, Kate is a very diplomatic individual, sensitive to the feelings of others in both her inner social circle and in the world at large.  Compassionate and caring, Kate is a very strong-minded individual who values lending social counsel and financial support to those whom cannot fend for themselves.  Detail oriented and responsible, Kate could be a marvelous leader of a philanthropic foundation dedicated to those needing her assistance.  At the same time, she could relate to benefactors and donors who are very successful and intellectually gifted.  She loves to learn new information and understand what makes people tick and she can become mesmerized in dinner conversation that feeds her innate curiosity for knowledge. 

Kate's "y's" show material frustration which is rather peculiar to me in that she's born of a family having financial means and she certainly is materially comfortable now for the remainder of her life.  In her mind, however, the "y's" show some lack of fulfillment in the physical realm.  Perhaps this handwriting sample was written during a time in her life where she questioned her financial and romantic status with Prince William.  It could also be that she has yet to integrate her societal role and feels some frustration about this process.  She is probably not fully aware of this frustration herself as this shows in her lower zone letters which are typically the handwritten letters of the subconscious mind, according to handwriting analysis.  Overall, this seems to the main area of Kate's life that needs some development for her to feel whole.  It might be one of those life lessons that comes with age and experience.

In summary, Kate is truly a bright woman with a good, practical, intelligent personality.  Friendly and intelligent, she knows exactly what to say, and usually at the right time, too.   On occasion, her questioning mind and effusive style can throw William and others for a loop!  But on the whole, she is very mature and understands people and their motivations such that she will be able to navigate the most treacherous waters of royal life.  She can get caught up in enthusiasm for many activities so she should watch the possibility for burning the candle at both ends.  With motherhood on the way, Kate could become overwhelmed with duty such that she loses a sense of achieving her own personal desires.  Sacrifice and duty figure strongly in her handwriting, but this is oddly juxtaposed against a tendency to independently question authority.  It certainly will be an interesting ride for Prince William to keep everything calm and balanced in the household.  Kate is strong, however, and she has a tenacity of purpose that cannot be stopped unless she is broken down over a period of intense pressure.  As long as she learns when she can say "no" to social commitment and obligations, she should be fine.  And her love for adults will certainly translate to her love for children.  Kate will need to keep working on her selected projects; her great mind will need some intellectual stimulation in order to remain fulfilled.  She does not really know how to sit still.  Being such an active person, Kate I am sure will love being a new mom in her castle with Prince William by her side.  She truly is a straightforward, honest and dedicated person who will represent her family with great candor, intelligence and fun-loving finesse.  I wish Duchess Kate the best and know she will be a positive force for Britain and the larger world as well.  And for the little ones that will be calling her 'mother' they will feel so treasured and safe that her intelligent spontaneity and charm will make them feel incredibly loved.

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