Mid-Life Muddle: Why Does My Career Feel So Tight?

Mid-Life Muddle: Why Does My Career Feel So Tight?

Our mid-life is that time period when we re-group prior to embarking upon the second half of our lives.  It is a time of introspection, indecision, and perhaps quite a bit of resulting confusion. That sense of where we were is no longer where we are. Frightened by an uncertain future that lacks the adrenaline of our former years, we make great efforts to suppress that nagging inner voice that says we’re not as energized by our jobs like we used to be.  Having muddled through this episode of my career, I can share with you that you are not alone in your search for more meaningful work.  You’ve hit the intermission of your life act, and the numbing doubt about what you need to do to feel good about yourself and your work is anything but relaxing.  In fact, it can feel very unsettling for us former workaholics who loved the challenge of meeting our goals and achieving rewards for excellent performance – the plaques, the compensation increases, the promotions – they all seem to have lost their luster of yesteryear.

Remnants of the past are still with you.  Until now, you’ve experienced the comedies and tragedies of your most recent joys and losses, successes and failures.  And now, you sit in that in-between time, that not-so-clear, perpetual “nowness” in which what has gone before is just that – gone.  Memories of the applause, the fanfare and the excitement of the dramatic play yield to an otherness we cannot accurately define that we never imagined would happen.

Whether it’s because your relationship has been severed, your career cut short, your home foreclosed, or your health in dis-ease, or some combination of these and other life changes, all is suddenly different and strangely foreign, as if someone changed your theatre mask while you weren’t looking.  You are now free to explore all of your treasures and tragedies, identifying the wants and dislikes of paths ventured prior, set against the drama of family, friends and the “Greek Chorus” of public should-haves and should-not-haves; phrases lost in the mist of confusion and dread – confusion about how my life got here and dread about where the heck I am going to go from here.

You may find yourself asking, “What is my right path, my next act, my higher purpose?”  These questions now stir incessantly around your restless mind.  Amidst the reality of  housing rents, child care payments, paying mortgage and tuition payments that aching inner self is wondering if that childhood desire to be an artist is realistic.  The question now becomes “Will I be better off working for a corporate entity or for me?” It is the new mantra of the mind’s chorus, set apart from the players, and your now in-attentive audience caught in the pleasantries of their own life dramas.  It’s not unlike a dream whereby the scenery has shifted and the dreamer must move on without the benefit of time and place to anchor one to the reality of this new period called “intermission.”

With all of the past regrets and successes, intermission is a time when one can dig deep to the inner-self, that deep, penetrating center where the actor finds the energy of her mask, her next personality.   All of the hope for a new future is quintessentially found in this sacred “down time”, a momentary relief from the cacophony of life’s enfolding drama.

As the Ink Psychic, I can help you to assess your next work character role as you prepare for Act III.  By looking at your handwriting, I can confirm your innate talents and how your emotional temperament and developed values fit new career choices.  Or, I can help you to see that your current career could be tweaked in such a way that you’re simply in need of altering your own vantage point about work.  We all change as we grow and the motivations that drove the first half of your life may not feel anywhere near like those of your intermission, or the beginning of your second half.

Wouldn’t if be great to have a coach to help you kick-start your creative engines again?  You can with a telephone or screencast reading of your handwriting.  In this way, I will explain to you what makes you tick and how you can rejuvenate the self that seemed to have disappeared sometime during the latter part of Act II.  Yes, the memory of your former self is just that – a memory of what was, never to be physically retrieved.  But take heart because the memories can serve you well in letting you know that retrieving that positive, enthusiastic energy of a fulfilling career is possible again – it just may not fit the same and in fact, may be an entirely new design.

While you’re caught in this intermission period, why don’t you consult with me about what your subconscious mind is telling about your special gifts that have yet to be manifested in work?  Your handwriting reveals to me as a graphologist nearly 150 characteristics about your individual personality – your emotional responses to your environment, your philosophical and spiritual approaches to life, your inherent talents to be nurtured and acknowledged, your beliefs about yourself, and even your fears.  Let me help you uncover like a detective what irks you and what will work for you.  I would consider it a privilege to help you navigate your intermission for a healthy and fulfilling second half.  As you see the approach of sunset, realize that the second half can be just as beautiful, seen in a different light.

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