Lance Armstrong - The Fallen Hero. Will He Crumble? Probably Not!

Oprah Winfrey just finished interviewing Lance Armstrong for a television show that is to be aired on Thursday of this week; the word is out already that he admitted to lying and doping with drugs in order to achieve athletic prowess he perhaps otherwise could not have achieved.  I never followed Lance though I certainly recall his handsome face on magazines, television news shows and athletic gear commercials.  He may have hit the pinnacle of great heights, only to fall far and fast with the removal of his medals, the forfeiture of his commercial sponsorships - overall, a total fall from grace.

So I thought to myself, "I wonder if his handwriting shows the characteristics of evasiveness, untrustworthiness, or a drive to achieve so strong that it might overtake a moral high road?"  I googled his name and lo and behold, I found a handwriting sample of only his signature, but it's revealing of his character so I figured I'd post it for you to see.

Because there was no date listed I can only gather that this signature was given within the past decade.  Perhaps it was posted on the Internet 1 year ago.  But what I see in his handwriting, barring some changes that may have occurred over time is his incredibly strong ego.  In fact, one might actually say that he was indeed arrogant about himself and his accomplishments.  If you view the extremely tall capitals in his first and last names it is clear that he is no shrinking violet.  However, when capitals are so huge as compared to his lower case letters one can be sure that he can in fact be quite fearful of being "found out" for being a fraud; the huge capitals belie an individual who is very demonstrative in public, highly outgoing and self-poised.  But deep down these huge letters protect a weaker self - the inner individual who knows that he is deep down, rather ordinary or weak.  It's a strange combination, but the subconscious mind helps us to overcome our deficiencies with bloated presentations of grandiose accomplishments.  Lance's capitals shows that he truly believes he is better than everyone else and that he deserves the accolades.  But deep down in that inner glow of truth, Armstrong also knew, in his weaker moments, that he is not superhuman at all, but rather very human indeed.

His bold writing also indicates high energy and great fortitude, which we all know about as a result of his celebrity career.  Lance's straight downstroke of the "g" shows a person who is highly determined with much stamina to stay the course.  This "g" also shows that he is willing to spend lengthy periods of time alone and that he rather enjoys his own company.  His dark lettering reveals a person who does not forget a thing - a wonderful memory is intellectually one of his strong characteristics, along with a strongly investigative mind.  Further, he is a very sensual person who relishes sensory experiences.  I can only imagine how much he loved gliding on his racing bicycle through the countryside of some foreign land.  It must've been such a heady experience for him, given his strong physical desire for feeding that sensual side of his being.

The "o" in Armstrong is indicative of a very private, secretive person.  In fact, that to me is the greatest tip off that he might not tell me the truth if I were having a casual conversation with him.  It's difficult to conclude from only one "o" but I would say that the secretiveness could move into pathological lying; the loop on the right side of his "o" shows a very private, discreet personality that keeps secrets - his own, and those of others.  On the left side of that same "o", there's and arching entrance which again denotes secrecy and self-denial.  It is possible that he convinced himself that he was telling a truth when in fact it would be a tall tale.  His other communication vowel, the "a" in Lance, also shows the same character personality trait of secretiveness.  Additionally, and perhaps more disconcerting is his inked in "a" at the top of the letter, exposing a rather aggressive personality who could possibly become violent if provoked.  Of course again, this is only one letter, so I would need to see more writing samples with full sentences to assess his character profile more in-depth and with more definitive accuracy.  It's his signature that we see here and perhaps the body of his handwriting would indicate confirmation of an aggressive, temperamental man, or more of an assertive personality who only has a tendency toward aggressive behaviors.

Lance is a dynamic individual in that he can be quite dramatic and exuberant, with an intelligent, perhaps biting sarcastic wit.  His cross bar in his capital "A" of Armstrong shows that sarcasm.  I would surmise that since this trait is located in his capital name of his last name, it probably is very much about who he is.  That sarcasm probably developed early in life as a self-defense mechanism in order to cover his fears.  One cannot know the details about why that defense was created, but I would hypothesize that perhaps his early life as a child and teen posed significant challenges and using sarcastic humor was an effective coping tool for him.

There is some repression of intimate emotional feelings in Lance's "n" and "m" in his signature.  Again, we'd have to see more of a sample.  His dramatic flair and bold temperament overcomes that sensitive self that would not like to address personal emotional issues of years gone by, or even current emotionally charged situations.  It will be interesting to see if Lance shows emotion when he talks with Oprah during her interview with him.  My belief is that based on his handwriting slant, he will not show emotional expression of sadness, hurt, or grief.  While he feels emotions very deeply (indicated by the darkness or depth of his handwriting) he is naturally inclined to stay objective and in control when conducting himself in public.  I imagine he would handle emotions with much self-protection; his unwillingness to express himself intimately might only come through if Oprah were to hit a very sensitive spot in his psyche.  And knowing Oprah, one of the best interviewers of our time, it's very possible that she accomplished this goal of penetrating the "Armstrong Armor".  Like a knight wielding his sword, he would tend to go on the offense, thereby causing fear in his opponents.  He is highly unlikely to fall apart in a sobbing mess of a man.  The repression displayed in his m's and n's in his signature shows that his belief is that one does not think about weakness, or negative emotion, never mind discuss such intimate thoughts.

Lance may be having the worst time of his life right now, but I certainly would not like to be one of the athletes who came in 2nd to his wins.  With all of the years gone by, how would one rectify that they indeed should have won the race?  Lance Armstrong's overwhelming winning streaks, his strong, arrogant personality and his self-assured poise that could turn prickly toward his competitors in an instant;  all of these personality traits must have been enough to keep other athletes quiet about any improprieties sensed along the way.

So another hero falls and we Americans look pretty darn silly for building his stardom.  I saw on the news today a rendition of his former bracelets that bore the phrase "L I E S T R O N G" where the "V" had been erased from its spot between the "E" and the "S", just as the many awards and trophies of recognition have been deftly removed from his den.  The power of words as symbols is quite significant.  And as you can see from my handwriting analysis skill, the will of the subconscious mind to reveal our personalities in handwritten signatures, notes and documents is incredibly powerful too.

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