Jimmy Savile Controversy in the United Kingdom

I honestly know nothing of Jimmy Savile.  In fact, if it weren't for online publications like the Daily Mail and other news outlets, I would not know about this man nor his celebrity.  I  have not read many details of his life because frankly I was hoping to catch his personality utilizing handwriting analysis profiling.  Allegedly, he's been accused of sexual exploitation of youths; certainly not a behavior that the majority of us in society would condone.  He died, so we will never know the full truth of such accusations.  So it made me wonder, is it possible that he would show a propensity toward such outrageous behaviors in his handwriting?  In fact, I found a sample of his handwriting that was posted on several websites in the form of a personal letter he sent to Margaret Thatcher.  A good number of journalists questioned how he even negotiated a place within the inner circle of such a classy, balanced and powerful lady.  One never knows.

So I thought I would give you a peek at the handwriting I saw that he apparently wrote, along with a synopsis of what I think about his character.  Here is the writing sample that he wrote several years ago, I presume.  Let's look at his handwriting and see the pros and cons about his character attributes to see if his writing belies a person prone to sexual deviance.  Since I do not know anything about him and the specific story that is being reported on CNN, the BBC and other mainstream news media outlets, I believe I am at an advantage to be more objective about his personality as shown in this clear handwriting sample.

Jim's handwriting shows a very intelligent individual who had an analytical mind; he learnt information very quickly and assimilated pertinent information with fluency.  He thought of himself as being dignified and he felt tremendous pride about his work.   He no doubt was unable to maintain poise in most environments.  However, because of a flaring temper streak that became expressed in intense outbursts of anger he would lose control of his inner feelings.  His handwriting shows that though he had some respect for traditions and societal expectations (which were maintained by this personal sense of pride) he could not control his temper and it most often manifested in work situations.  When Jimmy felt impinged upon by the critique of friends, fans or managers he flew off the handle.

Jim had a gift for physical precision:  Perhaps he played sports that required such physical abilities, but it could also have translated to mechanical activities that required a facile hand-eye coordination.  Perhaps he was a great tennis player or golfer or horseman - I do not see the specific activity, but I know he was a physically active person who was quite adept in making fluid movements with his athletic body.

Jim was a person who was rather self-conscious - given his sense of pride he must've held back some of that temper I see in his handwriting.  It's not too dignifying to be shouting at the top of your lungs at a colleague, so I would imagine that his family and close associates saw this behavior more than the general public.

Jimmy's handwriting shows that he felt immensely close to his mother, though his relationship with his father was either cut off or cold at best.  It appears that his mother was the stronger influence in the family and his father and he may have had a contentious or distant relationship.  Perhaps he lost his father through divorce, travel or even death - like I said, I know nothing of his background so perhaps the gap in his relationship with his father is known in the United Kingdom.

Which says why perhaps he was so taken with Margaret Thatcher.  Perhaps she was a mother figure to him with her balanced and intelligent social skills, her intellect and curiosity, along with her maternal stability.  I don't know of course, but that could be the attraction on his part.

If you look at his "g" and "y" letter formations, there is an indication of physical frustration.  Whether or not this reflected his sexual feelings I cannot say for sure, however, this did appear to offer some challenge for him in this area of his life.  Jimmy's first name in his signature illustrates a dramatic personality with a high physical drive, along with a flair for the whimsical.  The smiley face in the lower loop of his "J" shows that strong sense of self that is defined with humor.  The "y" in Jimmy is of a man who seeks comfort:  his "y"swings to the left hand side of the page, indicating a desire for material well-being and a need for security from his past.  He was a man who wanted to be taken care of, particularly from a maternal figure.

His other lower loops in his y's and g's indicate romantic frustration.  His writing shows a sex drive that cannot be met fully; the lower loops of these letters do not entirely make it back to the baseline of his handwriting which if they did would indicate romantic fulfillment.

Loyal and detail oriented, Jimmy Savile had an exploratory mind - he loved to learn new information and he questioned his life's purpose.  He loved a good debate, and with his temper t's, he was apt to use his intelligence to squash opponents who were less intelligent and astute than he.  Emotionally, he could change on a dime.   Sometimes he was very charming and friendly while at other times he was more inward and socially unpredictable.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy's writing indicates that he was an honest person.  He could be reticent at times, while in other situations, he could be incredibly blunt.  His spontaneous emotional responses to issues of the day could be off-putting to those who were not expecting such a blunt statement to an otherwise innocent topic being discussed.  He really loved a good argument and relished using his intelligence to spar with the best of them - he probably was known for this quality because it stood out as a significant trait of his character.

Did Jimmy Savile have emotional instability such that he could perform such heinous acts against children?  Well, there are indicators of mental stress, particularly in terms of material/sensual needs being frustrated.  Further, his handwriting shows unpredictable emotional responses to his environment. There was a likelihood that those closest to him knew more about his difficult side.  Was he abused himself as a child?  He could have been, given the emotional remoteness of his father figure (in Jimmy's mind, and perhaps in reality).  Or, are people attacking a celebrity for obtaining their own agenda such as monetary compensation?  One never knows (and I really do not know his story at all) but his handwriting shows that he could have been intimidating to youth and adults alike with his short fuse and sharp mind, along with the power that his affiliation with Margaret Thatcher and others offered him.  Such accusations would be strongly met with a thorough defense.

I am not saying he is innocent, nor guilty.  But what I will say is that he shows in his handwriting inconsistencies in emotional well-being and this could have manifested in unseemly behaviors in his search for love in all the wrong places.

I realize that I haven't answered the question about whether the allegations are true or not.  Jimmy Savile was a complicated fellow and he probably was quite fun to be around at times.  Perhaps his intelligence, humor and effusive displays were attractive to enough people so that the darker side remained hidden from sight.  We won't know for sure, but I would say his mental force would have kept people quiet for fear of reprisal and thus, the negative experiences individuals had with Jimmy were kept secret.

And if Jimmy Savile is proven guilty in the future, please do not lump him together with Margaret Thatcher.  I looked at her handwriting and she was very bright, strong minded, and honest.  Emotionally, she's one stable lady who shows much stamina, grace and strength.  I'll save her handwriting for another day.  Suffice it to say that she is dissimilar to Jim Savile in many ways and perhaps her friendship was more of a maternal one whereby she treated him like the son who needed guidance and support others would be less inclined to proffer.

Overall, Jimmy Savile had some problems, and they were related to his sexual frustrations and material needs remaining unmet.  But, does this say that he was a paedophile?  I will not take that leap.  Indeed, there've been over 400 allegations divulged since his recent death in October of this past year.  While he cannot defend himself, it makes one wonder about the fear of reprisal that I alluded to earlier in this discourse, and how his secrets were therefore kept by intimidated victims.  We will never know the full story, but in Jimmy Savile's handwritten letter to Margaret Thatcher we see the handwriting of a frustrated, sexually stunted individual.  He had the intelligence to achieve his intended goals with innocent victims who trusted him.  Further, his celebrity brought him the power to outsmart adults and children alike with charming phrases and great, intelligent humor.  A perhaps tragic victim himself, Jimmy had many fears exhibited in his handwriting, the greatest fear being that of being abandoned.

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