James Holmes' Handwriting: The Batman Movie Theatre Assassin

I hesitate to give such a dark personality a place on my blog.  There is something destructive about the energy of darkness and I certainly do not wish to draw the darkness into my sphere of light.  However, I thought about my handwriting analysis skill and how I might help one person, perhaps one parent or teacher out there who see the signs of a troubled youth, thereby saving his or her life and perhaps the lives of others who may be impacted tragically by the resultant behaviors of mental illness.

On CNN I saw a quick headline the other day about the writings of James Holmes and how he portrayed himself in cartoon caricatures much like one sketching an autobiographical picture of the devil himself.  His rendition was disturbing, to say the least.  In the left hand corner of his sketch he signed his artwork with his name and it was barely discernible.  He obviously was a very confused young man, not based in reality, when he signed this drawing.

So here's the image for you to see while I write about his handwritten signature and the red flags this type of signature should call to those of us who see such etchings in the future.  For attorneys to say that he is not insane is rather insane in itself.  The handwritten signature does not tell the entire story about an individual's character, but it indeed gives clear hints about how an individual perceives themselves in the context of society and the public view.  In this case, the knowledge of his actions he took are dreadful precursors to the analysis, but I could have seen this young man's psychosis long before such an awful tragedy occurred.

James' handwriting in his signature bounces up and down in the sense that his letters show a lack of consistency, as if they each were not on the same baseline.  It is as if his letters of his name were on the string of a yo yo, jumping up and down with abandon as he wrote.  There is no standard baseline from which to read his name; the letters in his last name really took a turn for the worse on April 6th when they go in a downward motion below the line given for his signature.  This trait is not good, whether it's for James or for other people who do this; at minimum, it refers to a sense of depression and negativity.

James' handwriting does show many angular formations which, depending on their placement could mean obstinancy and a sense of resistance toward others.  His angular lead-in for his "H" in Holmes shows temper, which by itself many of us do in our writings.  However, a handwriting analyst looks at the entire picture and stacks the traits that he uses to combine a full personality profile.  His anger is not benign as we all now know, and his signature told the truth of this conclusion well prior to the event.

See the "a" & "o" vowels in his name in both signatures? (April 6, 2012 & July 20, 2012).  The communication vowels are squeezed and filled with pools of blobbed black ink in all cases.  Certainly, this is a violent individual prone to losing control of his temper.  There is a rage in his handwriting that pools itself and gets blocked in his communication vowels - critical indicators within my discipline for identifying how a person communicates with others.  No doubt his family were well aware of his temper tantrums that may have begun long before the Colorado shootings.

James was an intelligent person and this could be seen in his angular letters, but the angular letters, while showing an investigative mind that grasps concepts quickly, also shows a very tension filled mind whereby thoughts were filled with a rage and angst that he attempted to repress.  The retraced "m' in his April signature in the word Holmes is indicative of significant emotional repression - he was repressing his feelings of rage and hurt and his writing slumps below the line revealing a depressed individual who may have suicidal thoughts.

The loop in the lower case "s" in Holmes shows a persistence and fluidity of thought.  He was not of average intelligence to be able to booby trap his apartment in the manner that was reported in the press.  His persistence in creating connecting bombs with chemicals was admirable in the sickest way; not many people would have the intelligence and persistence to create such a puzzle of wires and chemicals that would dissolve a brick building if inadvertently set off.  Just think what James' intelligent mind could have achieved had the choice been funneled toward good works.  It is mind-boggling to think of the contributions he could have made with that persistence and problem solving ability to see a project through to its conclusion.  Anything from creating new pharmaceuticals to getting a spaceship to the moon could have been his higher calling given a different set of choices and behaviors.

Highly analytical, James has a brilliant way of deciphering information.  He lacks the stability, however, to maintain a clear focus.  The bouncing of his letters in the mundane zone of his handwriting shows how challenging it must be for him to feel emotionally consistent in his responses to stimuli.  Perceived wrongs would cause James to lose a sense of control and fall into the abyss of deep clinical depression.

When I read the article in CNN about how in the opinion of the defense attorney that this young man is "evil" and "not crazy" I decided that I needed to write about his handwritten signature and how indeed his handwriting indicates that he was and is psychotic, coupled with emotions of rage and violent tendencies.  I would agree that his actions were evil and were pre-meditated.  His thinking letters (m's) in his handwriting show a terribly imbalanced man whose anger swallowed all of his brilliance in repressive strokes of the pen.  Rage overtook his emotions which needed to break through in its expression; Unfortunately, this rage did so in a most violent and tragic manner.  Perhaps we will never know the cause of his rage, but his handwriting shows that he felt it in his daily life.  Suppressing the rage only served him for so long, and then his innermost feelings became an erupting volcano in that Colorado theatre.

I would need to see a more full sample of his writing, but there is no doubt that this young man was headed for a violent end.  This analysis in no way excludes him from responsibility.  In fact, I might posit that the pre-conceived plan shows us that he was smart enough to create a strategy and carry it out with deadly consequences.

According to his handwritten signature, which is only a part of the story, this young man was less likely to kill himself, and more likely to hurt others.  There are no cross outs of his first or last name, which would illustrate the desire for self- destruction.  So, the attorney was probably right when he said, "He wanted to kill everyone in that theater".  Thank God he was unable to achieve that goal, though he did enough terrible damage to last a lifetime.

God Bless those of my readers who were in some way impacted by this dangerous personality; I think in some way we were all impacted by this terrible tragedy, albeit some of us were effected more deeply than others.  Because I do not wish to honor the perpetrator of this horrible event, I elected not to show his picture on my blog in an effort to minimize his motivation for celebrity status.

I pray for the relatives and friends of lost loved ones.  I pray for the victims of the violence who will forever hear the sound of gunfire and screams in a theater that should have been the arena for a wonderful outing with family and friends.  I pray for our country that has fallen prey to these horrible crimes committed against innocent civilians.  I pray for our world where other disturbed individuals gain ideas as to how to perform their own crimes. I pray to God that perhaps one person reading this blog will realize that an individual's handwriting, when accurately analyzed by a professional, can show us hints of an author's violent intent before people get maimed or killed.

And finally, I pray that my readers take this blog entry with the awareness that my intentions were good ones for showing the public how knowledge of handwriting analysis can help predict impending violent behaviors. Further, that anticipated aggressive actions can be appropriately addressed by psychological professionals trained to block their damaging impact.

God Bless.

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